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We look for easy to recognize chart patterns to give us clues
for earnings direction. 
Hi I'm Pete Garner.  I love trading earnings. Why?
1. Because most of my friends and other traders said it could not be done. 
2. Because it is so much fun when a stock goes BOOM and I am in it. LOL.

Only 3 simple indicators. So easy! I stumbled across this set up when I had too much time on my hands. It is amazing what you can find when you quit looking so hard.

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Ken.... I got in (DIS) at $113.70 on November 4 and out at $116.00 on November 6. Love it!
Chris.... Great Course Material!
Glenn.... Took 2 trades, both winners!
George.... Your course is great. You come across very well in the videos and get the point across succinctly.... So well done.
Jim..... I like the set up, as simple as it is.  
Mark.... I have taken profit on (TJX). 
Jan.... Sold (POT) for a 73% profit.
Our friend Evan had this to say about the course....
I know Pete from Rob Booker's, TFL365 chat room and have always been interested in trading Stocks but never had an easy and applied trading strategy. Once I found out that Pete Garner was running a course at a bargain price of $29, I was like "why not give it a go!". I begin to watch the videos on Pete's course "Stock Trading Earnings" and I was just amazed at how simple the concept was and that I didn't need any fancy indicator and there was a set time as to when to take trades, you can't go wrong!
What I love about Pete's course is not just how simple it is but the fact that it's fun and he gives you a straight forward method to find the trades and make easy money. It's low risk and doesn't require constant sitting in front of a computer which is what I wanted. I thoroughly recommend this course to anyone who's experienced or a beginner. The course will pay for itself in no time!

Red ....From Amazon July 2017... Take a chance on this inexpensive book. You'll easily make your money back in a few trades using the methods described within. The author genuinely cares about his customers and wants them to be successful.

Richard ...From Amazon May 2017 .... Pete has come up with a great method to trading stocks based on earnings. Not as scary as you may think. Pete provides a "setup" which either triggers a buy if the signal is long/up or a sell if the signal is short/down. What a powerful signal setup it is. The hit ratio is phenomenal, averaging over 80% wins on both longs and shorts. And support from Pete is the best. If you are looking for a solid, easy to learn system based on stock earnings, look no further. This one is going to be almost impossible to beat.

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