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  • Take advantage of the most POWERFUL moves in the market!  
  • Over 1 hour of video instruction so you can learn to recognize the trade setup in 30 seconds or less.
  • PDF's of over 50 chart examples, so you can learn fast, which setups look the best.
  • A tip that will pay for your course in a few trades. 
Stock Trading Earnings Made Easy Is Here!
We look for easy to recognize chart patterns to give us clues for earnings direction. We teach a stress free set up that you can learn very fast and use in your own trading. 
Here's what to expect when you say YES:

1. You will learn this easy to recognize chart pattern by the end of this course, so you can start looking for trades right a way!
2. You will get my phone number to text me or email address to email me to ask questions, so your not left on your own.
3. You will learn how to spot this chart pattern in less than 30 seconds, so you don't have to sit at your charts all day!
5. You will learn how to build a watch list, so you know which stocks to watch everyday.
6. You will receive PDF's with over 50 charts to further learn this chart pattern.
7. If your a beginner in the stock market, I know you can succeed! This is a very easy setup to learn.
8. You will receive over 1 hour of video instruction, that will get the novice started as well as a professional with this easy to learn setup.
9. You will learn the principles I use every day, how to trade stress free and sleep at night. Remember these are earnings plays, anything can happen.
10. I have a tip for you that's going to pay for this course in a few trades if you use it!

I know you don't know me and I don't know you. That's why I am going to ask so little for this. A course like this would cost hundreds dollars or more, but I am going make you an amazing offer! I know you will be happy. Lets learn, trade, and have fun together!
Pete Garner

Read what our subscribers are saying.

Ken.... I got in (DIS) at $113.70 on November 4 and out at $116.00 on November 6. Love it!

Chris.... Great Course Material!

Glenn.... Took 2 trades, both winners!

George.... Your course is great.  You come across very well in the videos and get the point across succinctly....   So well done.

Jim..... I like the set up, as simple as it is.  

Mark.... I have taken profit on (TJX). 

Jan.... Sold (POT) for a 73% profit.

Our friend Evan had this to say about the course....
I know Pete from Rob Booker's,  TFL365 chat room and have always been interested in trading Stocks but never had an easy and applied trading strategy. Once I found out that Pete Garner was running a course at a bargain price of $29, I was like "why not give it a go!". I begin to watch the videos on Pete's course "Stock Trading Earnings" and I was just amazed at how simple the concept was and that I didn't need any fancy indicator and there was a set time as to when to take trades, you can't go wrong!

What I love about Pete's course is not just how simple it is but the fact that it's fun and he gives you a straight forward method to find the trades and make easy money. It's low risk and doesn't require constant sitting in front of a computer which is what I wanted. I thoroughly recommend this course to anyone who's experienced or a beginner. The course will pay for itself in no time!

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